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Campaign #DopasowaniKompani for the Zwierzęca Polana Oraganization

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The second stage of the non-profit campaign created by San Markos and Chimney for the Zwierzęca Polana Organization is underway. Three TV commercials, backed by outdoor advertising, will promote pet adoptions based on matchmaking. The project is endorsed by actors, athletes, journalists and celebrities.

The goal of the campaign is to draw the public's attention to the problem of reckless adoptions of adult dogs and to encourage people to approach the matter of pet adoption in a more conscious and considerate fashion. The numbers of homeless dogs in Poland are growing every year. It is estimated that there are about 100.000 homeless dogs living in animal shelters all across Poland right now. Another 400.000 are looked after by non-profit organizations in our country. Young dogs are the ones usually adopted, often for very subjective and ill-advised reasons, such as cute looks. Unfortunately, many such adoptions end up with the dogs returning to the shelter, because of discrepancies between them and their new owners. The Zwierzęca Polana organization knows the animals in their care to a tee. During the four years of its existence, it has carried out about 700 adoptions, impeccably matching dogs with their new families. Each dog's nature and needs are thoroughly analyzed by environmental evaluations and behavioral observations during its time in a foster home.

San Markos is the author of the campaign and the strategy was devised by Melting Pot. Chimney Poland produced the promotional videos, with Anna Skała from Purple Talent as production manager, and cinematography by Tomasz Kordek.

The TV commercials featured actors: Anita Sokołowska, Piotr Stramowski and Mirosław Zbrojewicz. The commercial will run from October 1st. The next stage – after TV ads – is the outdoor campaign, appearing on buses, billboards and city lights. Promotional photo shoots will feature: journalist Karolina Korwin Piotrowska, actresses Katarzyna Warnke and Julia Pogrebińska, athletes Wojciech Włodarczyk and Karol Bedorf and blogger Kamil Pawelski “Ekskluzywny Menel” (the “High-end Hobo”). The campaign will run until the end of November.